SHT Buffer and Solar

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Manufacturer: SHT

A new generation of solar compact solutions with intelligent regulation.


  • Intelligent control system
  • Combine with wood or pellet heating systems
  • Good for the environment

Solarsystem ECO COMPACT



  • To reduce the energy consumption up to 40%

  • Intelligent control and sophisticated energy management

  • Factory pre-assembled add-on components -> harmonic general view

  • Achieves required energy efficiency and is an optimised solar system in addition to our log wood and pellet heating systems.

    No matter whether a solar collector, a water heater or a buffer storage tank, with ECO COMPACT you will always make a right decision.

Vacuum tube collector


Model SHTexclusiv

  • A vacuum tube collector with 10 or 15 pipes with integrated connection pipe in the collector: no piping on the roof.
  • Parallel wiring of up to 12 collectors per row ensures up to 15% higher energy yield
  • Optimised for solar hot water heating / backup heating
  • SHV 10: ten pipes, gross surface area 2.20 m²
  • SHV 15: fifteen pipes, gross surface area 3.427 m²

Flat collector


Model SHTplus

  • Maximum heat transfer thanks to laser welding technique
  • SHTplus SHF 25: 3.2 mm thick tempered solar safety glass with 95% light transmission
  • Highly efficient rear and side heat insulation
  • Both in-roof and above-roof installation is possible



Solar energy is now affordable for everybody!

A perfect concept for solar hot water production, simple and comfortable – an ideal combination for the SHT firewood heating.

Advantages at a glance:

  • A water heater with high quality enamel coating
  • Integrated solar station
  • Easy installation – Plug & Play
  • Integrated function “Holiday” avoids overheating of the system



Hygienic drinking water heating with backup heating

A high quality, hygienic water heater of the Kaprun concept combines hygienic drinking water heating with backup space heating through a solar system.

Available with 800 L and 1000 L buffer storage tank

Ideal for EVERYBODY – for those who expect more from their solar system



Maximum hot water comfort, including efficiency and hygiene!

Innovative energy centre Eco Compact Dachstein combines all innovative components that are approved by a Comfortplus Certificate. An essential advantage: A fresh water station with high flow rate ensures 35 litres/min even with several simultaneous consumers – ensures desired comfort.

Ideal for all applications where hot water and space heating are at the forefront.

Fresh water station SHTfast


Demand-based distribution of valuable energy.

In the fresh water station, demand-based and energy saving hot water heating takes place in the plate heat exchanger. Sensible sensors and modulating pumps ensure constant hot water temperature even in case of variable draw-off rate.

Fresh water station SHTfast i35 at a glance:

  • Hygienic drinking water heating in a flow heater (without Legionella risk)
  • Hot water flow rate of 35 l/min
  • A plate heat exchanger of stainless steel with special plate structure to avoid lime deposits
  • Easy wall mounting
  • Highly efficient pump (ERP Ready)
  • Fast mounting and easy maintenance
  • Can be combined with any type of heat exchanger
  • EPP acoustic and thermal insulation

Solarstation SHT-LDT


By means of sensor-controlled

regulation of the solar circuit, the solar yield is optimised to the maximum, and the buffer storage system Dachstein is supplied with optimised solar output.

  • The control unit is insulated from the supply line with a three-way flow regulator: max. flow rate 2400 l/h
  • A compact safety group with solar safety valve, pressure gauge and Flex connection for the expansion tank
  • A side opening for the pump cooling
  • Wall mounted water heater
  • Insulation with black EPP (density 40 g/l)
  • Max. Solar panel surface area (80m² flat / 50m² vacuum collector)