Solar system smartflower POP-e

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Manufacturer: smartflower

The world’s first all-in-one solar system combined with a charging station for electric vehicles.


  • Clean solar power for your own use or to feed into the grid
  • Charging station in attractive design
  • A clear commitment to sustainability and e-mobility


The world’s first all-in-one solar system combined with a charging station for electric vehicles.

Choose a suitable colour for your smartflower and take a look at it from different angles by smartflower 360º animator!


To generate clean solar power and promote emission-free mobility at the same time – that is the idea behind smartflower POP-e. It combines the unique all-in-one solar system with a high-performance charging station for electric vehicles. With its 18 m² fan of solar modules smartflower POP-e generates an average of approx. 4,000 kWh/a* of power – up to 40% more than a roof-mounted system of a comparable size. The electricity is either used directly or fed into the public grid, where it supports the integrated charging station, which can be used to charge both e-bikes and electric cars with a power supply of up to 22 kW.

Its unusual design makes POP-e a real eye-catcher, which acts as a green “business card” for forward-looking municipalities and companies. In public places, conventional filling stations, shopping centres or company premises – smartflower POP-e is an innovative service concept for residents, customers and employees and sends a highly visible and credible signal that sustainability is being put into practice here.

*Average figure for sites in Central Europe


Your signal for more sustainability and an innovative service for your customers


Its comparatively compact footprint means the POP-e can be integrated easily into an existing parking space. Installation is by means of a concrete foundation or ground bolts, depending on conditions.

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Solar charging stations as a public service and strategic contribution to boosting e-mobility.


Prominent eye-catcher and service for your customers: charge e-bikes and electric cars while they do their shopping.


Attractive charging station for e-bikes or an electric shuttle bus – real added value for your guests.


Perfect solution for your electric vehicle fleet or employees’ own electric vehicles.

5 reasons why you should buy smartflower POP-e

  • All-in-one solution: solar system with integrated charging station (Plug&Play)
  • Maximum flexibility in site selection, small footprint and easy to install
  • Send a visible signal of sustainability
  • Surprise your customers or guests with a new service offer and boost the expansion of e-mobility
  • Highest quality made in Austria and best support from local dealers