TLV Toolbox

TLV Toolbox is a free mobile app for steam technicians and engineers who require quick and easy access to calculations on-site or anywhere else. After installing, TLV Toolbox is entirely functional offline – i.e. it does not need an internet connection to make calculations. TLV Toolbox provides the same calculations as a TLV Engineering Calculator – calculations cover the entire steam and condensate loop, from steam distribution, valve flow and pipe sizing to heat calculations and condensate transport/recovery. Steam tables and a stall point calculator are also included. Equations are displayed for easy reference. Additionally, TLV Toolbox offers a convenient unit conversion tool. TLV Toolbox is available for Apple and Android smartphones and tablet PCs.

You can install TLV Toolbox through Google Play or Apple AppStore here:

toolbox-screen1 toolbox-screen3 toolbox-screen4