Module-type pellet plants

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Manufacturer: Procon, Rematec

The size is essential. Small from outside, large from inside.


  • A turnkey service A–O
  • Space-saving
  • Fast installation – a quick start
  • A cost-effective solution – good value for money
  • Extension possibilities – additional modules

To ensure client satisfaction

  • A turnkey solution: A full service from start to finish, from mapping the client’s wishes to a factory assembled of optimised and carefully selected equipment operating perfectly as a common set.
  • Fast installation, expenses under control: The installation of the module-type production units takes little time, and it is easy to forecast and control the installation costs. PROCON Module Energy TM modular solutions do not require high construction expenses. No buildings are needed.
  • A quick start: Assemblies preassembled and tested in the factory ensure a short tuning period. The risk of the need to start the reconstruction of components in field conditions is essentially lower.
  • A cost-effective solution: A space-saving design ensures that it is possible to locate the factory in the direct vicinity of the raw material source, for example, in the territory of an existing sawmill or a planing mill. No expenses for a separate purchase of land or for the transport of raw material. An optimised control process ensures that only one operator is needed for the operation of the factory.
  • Extension possibility: We design the Module EnergyTM factory in such a way that, if desired/required, the productivity can be increased by using extension modules.
  • Good value for money: Using high class and selected components with optimised capacity as well as a synchronised process control ensure both low acquisition and production costs.
  • Less bureaucracy – Module Energy TM modular type can be defined as an appliance


Log chipping

Comminution of wet chip


Dry milling



Storage and loading